From Jane Roberts
January 20, 2017
700 Cajon St
Redlands, CA 92373


Donald Trump
The White House


Dear President Trump,


Way back in 2002, you and I were on the same “honorary committee” drawn together by what was then the U.S. Committee in support of the United Nations Population Fund to which the Bush Administration had refused to release $34 million that the Congress had approved for UNFPA. We were both very opposed to this ill advised short sighted policy so cruel in its implications.   


I am co-founder of 34 Million Friends of UNFPA ( ) which I cofounded in 2002 asking 34 million Americans for one dollar. We have raised $4.3 million in small donations.


I have heard you say that Planned Parenthood does good things. I think you know that the UNFPA helps the most vulnerable women in the entire world with family planning, safe motherhood,  and tries to keep women and girls free from gender based violence which is often horrific.


Please don’t let those in the far right of your Party make it harder for women both here and abroad to make their own choices in all matters of reproductive health. Please protect women and girls from ideologues like your Vice-President to name a good example.  Make sure that the U.N. Population Fund has a sizeable contribution from the U.S. every year.


Thank you!

Jane Roberts


Statement by Jane: Gender inequality is the moral scourge and the moral 
challenge of the age. The United Nations Population Fund is at the core
of the fight for women’s health, education, human rights and equality.
It is the most noble of all causes and most important going forward for
people, the planet and peace.
PDF of my book “34 Million Friends of the Women of the World.” You
may download it or contact me and I would love to send you a copy.
34 Million Friends of the Women of the World
by Jane Roberts
Jane's recent article in the Human Prospect: 
"Men and the Fight for Gender Equality".